The right information is important, but so too is personal support, encouragement, and motivation. You’ll find it all in our online community site, which is filled with friendly people of all ages, sizes, and fitness levels - from around the world.

The one thing they all have in common? The desire to succeed and the willingness to help you do the same!

So click below and let’s get started!

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Healthy Recipes


Healthy eating doesn't have to be difficult… and it should never be bland or boring.

Our online database of hundreds of “Fast Track Approved” healthy recipes will help make every meal fresh and exciting.

From breakfast recipes to desserts… lean meats to vegan/vegetarian… snacks to desserts… gluten-free to diabetic-friendly...

There are recipes for everyone and they’re all quick and easy to make, inexpensive, effective for fat loss, and absolutely delicious!

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"When you fail to plan, you plan to fail"

... so we’ve created this online tool to help you set short and long-term goals that keep you focused on the results you want to achieve. Our Goal Planner will also help you identify and set specific daily tasks to reach these goals, and hold you accountable each day. Plus, you'll have the support and encouragement of our friendly community as well.

"A goal is a plan with a deadline"...so join our community site today and enjoy this great new tool!

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Goal Planner
Meal Planner


Make choosing the right foods, at the right times, in the right amounts - super simple with this innovative online tool.

It’s all tailored specifically to your age, weight, gender, and personal preferences and it’s 100% mobile-friendly so you can use it on the go.

Whether you’re creating a grocery list, planning your meals for the day, or just want to know the right foods to combine together for a healthy snack, this meal planner will guide you step-by-step!

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Every week we offer new easy-to-follow workout videos that you can do in the comfort, convenience, and privacy of your home, office, or hotel. Every video is custom-tailored to your fitness level because we show you how to modify each exercise to your ability. And you have the option of a 15-minute, 22-minute, or 30-minute routine, so it fits into your busy schedule.

Each workout includes our popular, proven-effective “E2 Method” workout technique that combines both fat-burning cardio, with resistance training so it’s as time-efficient as it is effective.

Just click Play on your phone, tablet, or computer and follow-along for a workout routine that’s perfect for you and extremely effective for the best possible results in the shortest amount of time!

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