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The TRUTH About Will-Power And Weight Loss

Why ‘Will-Power’ Is Really NO Power At All!

If you’re serious about trading “fat” for “fit,” here’s how to eliminate one of the BIGGEST ROADBLOCKS to your success.

Forget About “Will-Power.” It's Worse Than Useless!

New research makes it clear: Even if people do manage to lose some weight through will-power, they won’t keep it off. Even worse, they typically gain back more than they lost!

What could be more frustrating? You might as well have stayed home, relaxed, and pigged out!

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3 CRITICAL Skills For Winning At Weight Loss

 By Dr. Frank Smoot

Too often, we let life’s problems darken our spirit and ruin our day. Believe it or not, this can also add to the amount of excess weight on our body. Here are three crucial skills that can help you keep this from happening.

One of the main reasons we can’t lose excess weight, or put it on in the first place, is that we just aren't coping very well with life's daily rough spots.

As a result, our stresses and strains aren't dealt with as they happen. So they…

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How To Stop Your "After-Dinner Snacking"

How To Replace Your Toxic SSBs With SEBs - Self-Empowering Beliefs

Are you one of those folks who find it hard (or impossible) not to snack between dinner and bed time?

If so, did you know that this one bad habit could be keeping you from enjoying life at your healthiest weight?

Well today I’ll show you how to switch that challenging after-dinner time slot from being your waistline’s worst enemy … to its best friend!

But to make sure we’re still on the same page - learning how to find and fix your SSBs (self-sabotaging behaviors), here’s…

A Quick Recap: …

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The "Hidden Secret" Of Safe And Lasting Fat Loss

The �Hidden Secret� Of Safe And Lasting Fat Loss

Remember what we talked about in this week's challenge?

I’m Dr. Frank B. Smoot, MA, DD, psychotherapist and professional weight loss coach, and we were exploring the “hidden” reason why so many of us can’t get rid of our excess body fat no matter how hard we try.

And when we do manage to lose some unwanted pounds, they always seem to come back - and bring some unwanted friends!

Why does this keep happening? Here’s a quick review of our main points:

1. Even the best diet plan / exercise…

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The 10 Commandments Of Weight Loss Success

A major new clinical research study, involving more than 14,000 people and spanning some 16 years, has allowed us to identify what does--and what definitely does not--lead to safe, struggle-free, lasting weight loss. As a result, we now know "The 10 Commandments Of Weight Loss Success." Commandment #1: Get The Facts Before You Act!

Be certain that whatever you do is based on real data, not on hype and wild claims. Recent research has revealed a wealth of new insights into what works--and…

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Born To Win...But Programmed To Fail - Part 1

Here's The $64,000 Question: How in the world can we be so clear about our fitness and fat loss goals-and then turn right around and do the very things that keep us from reaching them?

Sure, we have a trim and sexy "image" of who we plan to be... one day. We know we should work out, and we know exactly why. Yet we don't. We also know we should lay off the pasta, chips, and ice cream, and we're totally clear about why. Yet somehow... we don't.

What's up with that??

This two-part article…

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Born To Win...But Programmed To Fail Part 2

Part Two

OK, now that there is (hopefully) no doubt in your mind about what the problem is, I can reveal to you the solution. Your solution. Because the happy truth is that whatever was learned can be unlearned. Whatever was programmed can be reprogrammed.

And best of all, whatever damage was done can be undone!

Now, no other human being can do it for you. But you can definitely get help doing it. The key is to make up YOUR mind.

If you're truly willing to stop being the victim…

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Why Is It So !@#$%! Hard To Lose Weight?

Ever wonder why, in spite of your best efforts, the ice cream, pizza, and potato chips still seem to have you in their death grip?

Instead of eating the healthy salad and heading to the gym, you end up eating the fries and being the couch potato. You try, you work hard, you struggle, you even curse. But you still end up doing the same old things you swore you wouldn't do.

And as you tear out what's left of your hair, you find yourself asking for the umpteenth time.

Why Is It So !@#$%! Hard…

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The Blunt Truth About Losing Weight


 Here are the cold, hard facts – whether we like them or not. The findings of 47 separate clinical weight loss research studies involving more than 14,700 people boil down to these 12 statements:


1. The reason we are overweight has virtually nothing to do with diet or exercise, and everything to do with our own unconscious motivations – which are created by our own unique beliefs and attitudes.


2. You are, by definition, not aware of your unconscious motivations. But even so, they greatly…

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