Since this week's challenge is all about getting more active - above and beyond your normal workout routine - here are 100 ways to burn more calories:

1. Take the Stairs Instead of The Elevator

2. On Days You Don’t Workout, Spend 10-15 Minutes Stretching

3. Get Better Rest So You Have More Energy To Workout Harder

4. Lift Heavier Weights To Burn More Calories

5. Take 5 Minutes Off Your Workout Time Without Changing The Exercises

6. Do 30 Pushups Before All Meals You Eat At Home

7. Add Half a Teaspoon of Cayenne Pepper to Your Diet Once a Day

8. Learn To Play Squash – You Can Even Play Solo

9. Give Cross Training A Try

10. Take A Few Extra Steps Each Day – Track Your Steps By Wearing a Pedometer

11. Have Work Meetings While Standing, or Going For a Walk

12. Learn How To Surf

13. Do Jumping Jacks During TV Commercials

14. Have a Glass of Cold Water, Which Burns Calories During Digestion

15. Run On Soft Sand, Instead of the Sidewalk, or Track

16. When Lifting Weights, Do 1 Minute of Cardio in Between Your Sets

17. Try New Partner Exercises – It Will Motivate You To Push Harder

18. If You’re Sitting At Work All Day – Stand Up Every Hour & Walk Around

19. Bike, or Walk To Work a Few Times a Week if possible

20. Jump Rope For 10 Minutes Every Day

21. Carry Your Shopping Bags Instead of Getting Them Delivered

22. Don’t Use the Drive Through When Ordering Food – Walk Inside

23. Do Less Single Joint Exercises (i.e. Biceps Curls), and More Multi-Joint (i.e. Step Ups)

24. Try High Intensity Interval Training (Bursts of Higher Intensities Every 10-30 Seconds)

25. Eat More Protein – It Has a High Thermic Effect, So Calories Are Burned During Digestion

26. Build An Extra Few Pounds of Muscle

27. Play a Sport Once Per Week

28. Learn How To Play Soccer

29. Run For 10 Minutes A Day

30. Exercise 1 Extra Day Per Week

31. Do More Leg Exercises – They Burn More Calories

32. Add Progression To Your Workouts, So They Get a Become Harder Over Time

33. Listen to Fast Paced Music, Which Can Help Increase You Workout Intensity 

34. Play The Drums, Or Learn How To Play Them

35. Eat More Garlic

36. Stand Up Straight

37. Learn To Water Ski

38. Add An Incline When Walking, or Running on the Treadmill

39. Plant a Garden

40. Run, Don’t Walk, Up The Stairs

41. Keep Your Phone Across The Room So You Have To Walk To Reach It

42. Park In The Farthest Spot From Your Grocery Store

43. Take the Stairs Instead of the Escalator

44. Jump on a Trampoline

45. Add Weights While You Run

46. Shoot Some Hoops

47. Learn To Play Tennis

48. Repaint Your Living Room

49. Carry Your Golf Clubs When Playing Golf Instead Of Using A Golf Cart

50. Do Calf Raises While Brushing Your Teeth

51. Go Mountain Biking

52. Do Full Body Workouts With Weights

53. 10 Minutes on the Rowing Machine

54. Sign Up & Prepare for a 5K Race

55. Stand Up While You Type For 5 Minutes An Hour

56. Sprint 100m, Do 10 Burpees, Then Walk 100m. Repeat 5-10 times.

57. Wash Your Car

58. Learn how to Ski

59. Go Paddleboarding During The Summer

60. Walk While Taking Phone Calls

61. Rearrange Your Bedroom

62. Clean Your Bathroom

63. Learn To Play Hockey

64. Go Cross Country Skiing For A Day

65. Go Dancing

66. Try Hot Yoga

67. Do Jumping Jacks For 10 Minutes in Your Living Room

68. Throw Around A Frisbee

69. Learn How To Juggle

70. Sit on a Fitness Ball For An Hour

71. Learn To Skateboard

72. Plant a Tree

73. Learn To Breakdance

74. Walk Your Dog, Or Your Friends Dog

75. Add 10 Body Squats Between Each Upper Body Exercise

76. Run 1 Mile Once Per Week

77. Do 100 Push Ups Per Day

78. Do Exercises That Work Multiple Muscle Groups At Once (e.g., lunges work your quads, buttocks, and hamstrings)

79. Drink 1 Cup Of Green Tea

80. Use Primal Movement Exercises in Your Workout

81. Buy a Pull Up Bar So You Can Do Pull Ups At Home

82. Carry Your Basket Through the Supermarket – Don’t Push a Cart

83. Walk to Lunch – Don’t Order In

84. Spend Your Weekends Outside

85. Take a Spinning Class

86. Learn To Play Basketball

87. Foam Roll Every Time You Watch T.V.

88. Chop & Stack Firewood

89. Work Your Way Up To Weighted Pull Ups

90. Learn to Rock Climb

91. When You Run Errands, Really Run Some of Them

92. Do Abs Exercises Between Lifting Sets

93. Take Out the Trash

94. Do An Extra 2 Sets of Weights Each Workout

95. Carry Your Suitcase Instead of Rolling It

96. Learn How To Snowboard

97. Go Cross Country Skiing Instead of Downhill For a Day

98. Set A Goal Of Swimming 50 Consecutive Laps

99. Mow the Lawn for 20 Minutes

100. Laugh As Often As You Can

Hope you found this helpful! If you have others you'd like to share, please post them below!