“I’ve lost a total of 29 pounds since January, dropped from a size 16 to a size 12, and am currently wearing jeans I haven’t been able to fit in to for years.” - Tami (Pipergirl)


If you frequent our community site blogs you’ve no doubt seen Tami, aka Pipergirl, in the mix. Each month we’ll be highlighting one of our coaching clients and this month we wanted to tell you a little more about Tami.


“There’s no reason to feel like I need to eat poorly at every meal. Breakfast, my midmorning snack, lunch and dinner just need to provide good, wholesome, healthy food to sustain me throughout the day. Nothing more. That way, when occasions come up - like a birthday or other very special celebration - I know I can afford to indulge a little if I really want to, I can have a bite of dessert or a cocktail and then get right back on track.”


We love Tami’s strategy around eating - and it’s one we’ve really tried to emphasize - It’s all about balance. Keeping your day to day meals is a simple, two-step process:

  1. When planning your weekly meals choose good, wholesome ingredients -- don’t forget to reference the recommended food list if you need some guidance.

  2. Follow the fist/palm/thumb rule when dishing up and stop when you’re full.

When you follow these guidelines and let special occasions determine if and when you allow yourself one (or two) indulgences it’s easier to savor the treat and then get right back on track.

Tami is currently in the middle of her second 12 week challenge and still going strong. Cheers to her for being such an incredible inspiration!

★ You got this, Tami! ★