Happiness doesn’t happen overnight. It’s something that requires discipline and a mindset focused on attaining it. Mostly, happiness is something that we need to do, it can’t come from out of the blue, it’s something that we must actively work towards. Happiness is something that can be attained every day and its vital to your health to actively pursue it daily in order to prevent yourself from falling into a slump. With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of small, daily tasks to help you boost your happiness. 

Daily Exercise 

Not only is exercise great for long-term health, but it is also vital to everyday happiness. Even a short 15-minute cardio exercise can have great effects. A short, daily exercise helps by boosting your mood and giving you a sense of accomplishment for the day. They’re great in boosting energy as well, as many people who tend to work out in the mornings will say that it gives them a lot positive energy to get through the day. Ironically, regular daily workouts actually help you sleep better as well as it makes it easier to sleep while improving the quality of your sleep. 

Daily exercise is arguably the most important aspect of daily happiness and can have the same effects as antidepressants, without the nasty side effects. To put it simply, the human body was made to move and to be used; good things happen when we use it properly and bad things happen when we don’t. 


A moment of silence and clarity like daily meditation can dramatically boost your happiness. There are many methods to meditate and all of them are helpful in their own ways, but the basics stay the same. In a nutshell, meditation provides people with a way to find a moment of pause within their busy days. Today, people are hardwired to always be ‘engaged’ and to fill their blank moments by scrolling through a slog of unimportant media, but that can hurt more than it helps. Meditation helps by cutting through the noise and allows you to either focus on what’s important or to simply think about nothing at all. 

For creatively inclined people, moments of mediation or boredom can be particularly helpful as they allow the mind to cleanse itself and wander. This is how those famous ‘aha!’ moments happen. Great ways to meditate in daily life can be a simple 5-minute meditation in the morning, a nice long shower or a simple walk in the park. 


Cooking your favorite meal can be an effective happiness booster. Not only does it give you a feeling of accomplishment, but it can put you in a flow state, allowing you space for your mind to wander and think. Cooking is also highly practical, as you can use it to make food for the week, making it easier for you to eat at home and to prevent unnecessary fast-food purchases which can be expensive and unhealthy. 

Make Others Happy

Much to no one’s surprise, one of the most effective ways to boost your happiness is by making others happy. Something as small as holding open the door for someone or buying someone their coffee can provide you a feeling of blooming happiness. These small things may seem like a drop in the bucket, but they can go a long way and is something that others may remember for a long time. 

Give generously with no other intent but to simply be generous. 

Life is a Verb

These are just a few of the many ways to boost your everyday happiness. But you’ll notice that these all require you to do things and to actively engage in life. So, hopefully with the help of this small article, you will be able to find more pockets of happiness in your everyday life and to see the world in a slightly different light.