If you’ve been around the blogs, you’ve no doubt seen Lisa (aka lisa1129) comment, post, and share! Lisa has been a part of our community for a LONG time - almost a decade! Here’s her story: 

I joined FITERA (back when it was FASTTRACK) Nov. 30, 2010. It was the day after my 48th birthday, and I was looking for a plan that was common sense, used real food that you could get at any store, and offered support from real, imperfect people who understood and lived the struggle of carrying extra weight. My joints were screaming, especially my knees, and I knew losing weight would help. And, I’m still here, 9 years later, and yes, I’m still fighting the battle. 

I started out at 242 lbs at 5’11”. I presently weigh 199, and while I probably could stand to lose another 15 lbs or so, I’m healthy, and I feel good most of the time. 

I work as an elementary principal at a school of about 300 students in northeast South Dakota. I’ve been married to the same man for 35 years, have three sons, and five grandchildren. I love to cook (and eat), grow and tend flowers, read, exercise, ride bike long distances, watch sports, and play with the grandkids. 

I stick with FITERA because it works. The support here is incredible. Pam’s leadership and example is stellar. I’m not perfect, but I am committed to continuing on this journey. I love this plan; it can be followed on a budget, the recipes are fantastic, and there’s all sorts of information to help with challenges in other areas of life as well. 

I typically eat 5-6 times per day, having three meals and two or three snacks. One of the most important things I learned is that eating protein with meals and snacks is key. And, I have learned how to prepare sweet potatoes in a variety of ways. Before FITERA, I ate sweet potatoes once a year, at Thanksgiving, and then with all the sweet stuff on them. I now love them baked, roasted, and air fried, and made into sweet potato chips. I’m grateful for FITERA and intend to remain here for as long as I’m able. Best of success to all who choose this journey.

Lisa is a shining example of all we set out to do for our community members - provide an easy to follow lifestyle that helps you reach your goals of leading a longer, healthier life. 

Lisa, we see you working so hard and feel deeply honored to be a part of your journey. Keep up the great work!