Our client spotlight this month is, KRISTL (aka kristlkarma). Kristl started her journey back in July of this year. "For me it is important to not be fixated on the weight loss but just a day to day healthier way of life.”

“My journey with FITera has been one of more ease due to the 5 meals a day and finding the right food combinations allowing my body to be satisfied and not desire snacking in between, well except for nighttime, but I am working on that and have Pam to lean on. Being part of a community gives me a feeling of unity and support. When I have driven off course, I just get right back on track and continue the plan. I am trusting the process.”

Kristl has seen a loss of 8 lbs, but more importantly she’s gained strength, mental clarity, and a supportive community. 

“Exercise is my new best friend. It feels amazing to sweat and get my day started off feeling stronger. I can now look at life as a joy vs a struggle. I am getting to meet myself for the first time since after having 2 children 18 months apart with 2 c sections. I had gotten up to the highest weight ever and was putting all my energy into my family and not any time in taking care of me. FITera is supporting me through my self love program to meeting the woman inside of me. High Fives to a healthier way of life.“

High fives, indeed. 

Cheers to Kristl and her success!!