With cold and flu season upon us, you might be thinking of ways to keep yourself from getting sick this season. Flu shot, check. Multivitamin, check. You might be surprised at some of the other (incredible easy) ways to stave off sickness…

  1. Make time for tea. Sure, a nice cup of tea will keep you warm and soothe a sore throat. But tea actually contains a magic ingredient, a catechin called epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). A study found that EGCG can damage influenza virus particles and stop them from entering your system. So pass on another cup of coffee, and reach for a cup of tea instead. 

  2. Eat a balanced diet. Food is definitely preventative medicine. In addition to vitamin-rich fruits and veggies, high-protein foods like lean meat, eggs and beans can aid in boosting your immune system too. 

  3. Work out regularly. A study showed that breaking a sweat can significantly reduce your risk of getting sick. Working out triggers your immune system to send out your own personal army to hunt down the rhinovirus. Sayonara, sucker! 

  4. Get your flu shot -- Every. Single. Year. The Center for Disease Control recommends everyone six months of age or older get a flu shot every year—ideally by the end of October.. Here's where to get your flu vaccine for free.

  5. Try to help others stay healthy too. 

Keep some essentials on you like hand sanitizer, tissues, and cough drops. Having these on hand for yourself and for the people around you can help to stop the spread of sickness. 

And if you aren’t able to dodge getting sick this year - not to worry. Take it easy. Rest. Hydrate. Take care of yourself. You’ll be right as rain in no time.