My story may be different than most, but it is important to be just the same. I gave up refined sugar 43 years ago – cold turkey. I lost 100 pounds within four months. 

I am now 73 years old. When I was in my mid-50s, my metabolism slowed down a bit, and I had a major problem with “portion control“. So ‘ eating clean’ (Healthy fats, healthy grains, fresh green veggies, no processed foods, only grass fed beef, pasture-raised chicken, wild-caught fish), was not enough.  My total cholesterol rose, my LDL even rose, and my weight was unstable, heavier than I liked.   

I began counting calories in 2012- religiously.  Although I ate good carbs, (whole grain bread was one of them), I would never consider having  “starchy carbs” more than once a day - heaven forbid . Then,Two months ago, I found Fitera, with the goal of taking off a stubborn 10-12 lbs. Not only has the portion control problem disappeared, the need to count calories has disappeared, my total cholesterol has gone from 240 to 197; my LDL cholesterol has gone from 140 to 107. And, I’ve reached my goal while having 2 starchy carbs daily. I love how the exercises are set up and varied, and the yummy recipes available, not to mention the valuable coaching I signed up for.  

I can’t speak highly enough about FITERA, who after all these years has offered me a simplified way of life when it comes to fitness.  

With Gratitude, Rosanne Spinner