Finding the time to fit in some exercise can be challenging - Taking time for a walk, or run, getting dressed and packed up for the gym, or even just scheduling time to follow along to one of your favorite workout videos. At the end of a long day it can feel like you just don’t have the time. So we decided to gather 3 great bodyweight exercises that you can do pretty much anywhere. 

Bodyweight workouts are no walk in the park (see what we did there?). They can truly help you build strength, not just in your muscles but in your bones too! So whether you’re squeezing these moves in during your lunch break, while watching your favorite evening television show, or even just while you’re waiting for the shower to warm up, you’re sure to feel the burn and be better off for it! 

The Best Bodyweight Exercises 

#1. Drop It Like A Squat 

Squats are an exercise that everyone should be doing – regardless of age, gender or fitness goals.

They’re not just for legs you know – they benefit your whole body in a multitude of ways. Whether you’re looking to shed pounds, maintain mobility or run faster, the humble squat is for you. 

Ready to get started? 

1. Warm up

2. Stand with your feet just over shoulder width apart

3. Keep your back in a neutral position, and keep your knees centered over your feet

4. Slowly bend your knees, hips and ankles, lowering until you reach a 90-degree angle

5. Return to starting position -- repeat 15-20 times, for 2-3 sets for beginners (do this two or three times a week)

6. Breathe in as you lower, breathe out as you return to starting position

If you want more info, we wrote an entire article just about Squats - why they’re good for you, and how to get started. Check it out! 

#2. High Knees 

Cardio and strength training come together in this low-impact, fast pace exercise. 

1. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. 

2. Drive one knee toward your chest so it's at a 90-degree angle. Quickly switch sides. 

3. While alternating legs, swing your arms as if you're sprinting in place to make it a full-body move and increase your heart rate.

This super easy move can be practiced anywhere! And feel free to switch up your pace as needed - start slow to get the move down, use a wall or other prop as stability help if you need. However you need to make adjustments so that this bodyweight move suits you, do it. 

#3. Prone Walk Out

If you thought planks were hard, get ready for another great challenge! Meet the Prone Walk Out. To perform this move:

  1. Begin on all fours with your core engaged.

  2. Slowly walk the hands forward, staying on the toes but not moving them forward. 

  3. Next, gradually walk the hands backwards to the starting position, maintain stability and balance.

Now, stay with us. There are plenty of variations available if this move sounds like a little too much. You can do this move using a stability ball, or even just on your knees while you build your core strength. Either way, we think you’re going to love this new move. 

So, next time you find yourself pressed for time and unable to make it to your usual favorite activity, bust out some of these moves instead!