Water is absolutely critical for fat loss, so I want to share a really simple trick you can do to make sure you’re drinking enough water.

The National Academy of Sports medicine recommends 3 quarts, or 96 ounces per day, and an additional 8 ounces for every 25 lbs you carry above your ideal weight.

If you wait to drink water until you are thirsty, you will already be partially dehydrated. So it’s important to make drinking water a habit and set reminders to keep yourself drinking throughout the day!

And so the video above offers a simple trick to make sure you drink enough water throughout the day. My water bottle in the video contains 20 oz of water and so I need to drink about 5 of these throughout the day, which can be pretty tough to remember.

So, what I suggest is putting 5 rubber bands on your water bottle each day… and each time you finish one bottle, take it off and put it on your wrist or desk drawer or wherever.

Or if you still have a tough time remembering, you can put all 5 of them on your wrist to start each day, which you’ll likely notice even more – and then as you finish each one, put it on the water bottle until you’ve finished all 5 and they’re all off your wrist and on the water bottle.

So that’s it – super quick and easy and doesn’t cost hardly anything, but will make a big impact on your success! BUT…

Make sure your water is safe to drink

Did you know that the water in your town or city could contain heavy metals, prescription drugs, and other contaminants? In fact, it was recently reported that over 205 million Americans are drinking contaminated water!

...which has been linked to bone disease, hip fractures, lower IQ… and even cancer in some cases.

Thankfully there is a little-known breakthrough device that eliminates these hazardous chemicals from your water in just seconds. Click here to learn more – I LOVE this product!

I hope you found this “water trick” helpful!