Anyone ever heard the about the law of conservation of mass?  In general, it states that matter is neither created nor destroyed.  For our purposes on the FTFL journey, we need to realize that we absolutely cannot gain more weight than the weight of the items we put into our bodies.  This means every morsel of food from a crumb to a slice of pizza adds up to weight gain for the day.  This also includes liquids which is an often overlooked reason for daily fluctuation in weight.  A half-gallon of water weighs four pounds.  Our bodies hold onto more water with increased starchy carbohydrate consumption.  Salt plays a major role in water retention as well.   As the foods and liquids move through our system they get broken down and the nutrients are used to nourish our bodies and the liquids hydrate and regulate.  The rest becomes number one or number two.  We also eliminate through exercise.  Exercise helps us use fat for fuel and we sweat out the liquids.

What I’m stating in very basic terms may seem obvious to many of you.  I am trying to reach out to those Fitera members who may not yet get the idea that there will be daily fluctuations in our weight.  For those who may not understand how they can gain four pounds seemingly overnight please understand that you simply cannot gain more or less than you consume that day.  A coach once told me a simple formula, “Pounds in minus pounds out equals net difference in weight.”  Be very aware of what you are putting into your body.  Every little morsel adds up.  Every chip you take as you pass by the bowl, every portion of "just a few of" etc…adds up to questioning ourselves, “Why did I gain that weight?”  

Our bodies are an amazing thing.  It has taken years of evolution to create this biologically engineered evolutionary marvel.  We have the responsibility to feed our body and hydrate it and take care of it for all the years we are meant to be on this Earth.  The body has the task of taking what it needs to sustain us and discarding the rest.








Good journey to all!!!