Good Afternoon everyone!!

I have been very busy today. I woke up feeling very energetic. So I wasted no time getting my first meal and getting busy. It is cold here today so I went to the mall and started walking around the track they have there for mall walkers. I felt even better when I finished that, so off to the stores to pick up some things for the weekend. Then I felt so good I decided to go and wash the car and vacuum it out. I love when I wake up feeling good I get all kinds of things done. I have ordered some Turmeric in hopes that it helps my RA even further and I get more and more physical. My husband is calling me skinny. I laugh because I have so much more to lose but he just loves me. He has been such a great support and keeping me focused on what I want and need for my health. Next week my mom wants me to drive out to her house and go to lunch with her. I told her I would go as long as it is somewhere I can get grilled anything and a salad. She said okay no problem. I also have a friend who is coming out to my house to see me on Tuesday and she wants to go out to eat as well so again I will choose to make it a place where I can get grilled and a salad.

Today I had left over fish and roasted veggies for lunch and for breakfast I had a protein shake with blueberries and made with Almond milk. I had string cheese and pistachios for a snack and for dinner I am doing grilled chicken with broccoli, and a salad. Then I will have a protein shake in the evening a couple of hours before I go to bed. That works best for me.

Hope you all have a great day!!!