Why you must

Posted By Chad@FITera 12:43 pm December 21, 2012

If you wish to get something done, stop telling yourself why you can't. Begin telling yourself why you must.

Of course there are obstacles to every achievement. Yet you can work through any obstacle when you have a clear and compelling reason to do so.

Zero in on that reason. Make it your priority to keep that reason ever present in your thoughts.

Though the challenges may be powerful, you can always make your purpose even more powerful. Keep telling yourself, again and again, why you must.

Make a solid connection between your actions and your purpose. That will cause your effectiveness to soar.

Remember always why you must. And you will.

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This morning?

Well it was a sore body in which I resided.
And that workout was not how I’d planned
But in the back of my mind I was thinking
How I’d not treat this body as second hand

Projects seemed to be endless
But what an interesting aspect I remarked
Stair climbing and package carrying were required
Exercise upon which I eagerly embarked

I had blogged much yesterday
Sharing that with this site I was quite smitten
There was such abundant wisdom here
Which real achievers had written

As I reviewed my day’s activities
My checks and minuses seemed a draw
But when I took inventory of my attitude
I gave myself a hearty hurrah

For there was no failure 
Not by the definition I now embraced
What were challenges fell into categories
Those avoided and those I’d faced

But as the failure article had advised
If I put myself out there it was a win
I’d risked an alternative response
So a new path I could begin

Check. Check. Check. Pass. Check.
Where I’d fallen short didn’t dominate
My body is a loaned vessel for my journey
Its challenges can either cripple or captivate

So my sore body really whinged
Ambivalently it took part in the morning marathon
But my mind was eager to see all the momentum
Taking note of all the changes I’d undergone

This afternoon?

It’s a sore body in which I reside
But as I take inventory I’m smiling
Because in this battle of mind vs body
I see how the two are reconciling.