I was supporting one of my jobs yesterday and I was working with one of the machine shop guys I have worked with for years now.  He was training a young guy yesterday and they had a few simple questions about a job they were working.  Standard stuff.  We talked about our plans for the weekend  and I went back to my desk.  I got called down for a different job so I thought I'd stop by to see how the original job was running.  I saw the two guys talking, their backs were facing me so they didn't see me.   I heard the young guy say something about the overweight programmer they spoke with earlier.  I heard my friend warn the kid to be careful about what he says because he didn't know me in my before state.  Then they turned around.  The kid instantly turned red and scurried to find something to do.  I simply smiled and said, "Ignorance is bliss."  Then I thanked my friend for the kind words and walked away.

See, years ago that would have had a very large impact on me.  I would have started second guessing myself and doubting the path I had taken.  Hurtful words from ignorant people don't bother me.  I know where I have been and I know how far I have to go.  I am on my journey for me and I have nobody to impress but myself.  

I am eternally grateful to Chad for starting this program and this wonderful community.  I am also grate full for each and every one of you and the impact you have had on my journey...THANK YOU ALL!!!

Good journey to all!!!