This day dawned cool, windy and wet, so got ready to head out with coffee ☕️ to be the goal.  Just got into Fortinos’s, the best grocery store that offers every food experience you could desire, and right in front of me are my two senior ladies who are neighbors of mine. Dorothy lives two houses up from me, and Betty lives across the road and one up from me. They are both 83, and they head out to somewhere every day, usually together.  Betty has lived across from me since we moved in here in 1981, she moved here in 1977. Betty has always been a going concern, who did nursing her whole life.  If there is something going on somewhere, she will know about it.  Audrey lost her husband 3 years ago, and he was a preacher, they had their own church and mission, and a lovely home.  After he passed, she could not keep up with the house, so sold and through one of her sons, found the main floor of this house two up from me, for rent.  So she lost her spouse, her minister, her position in the church changed, sold her home and moved to a new place she had no knowledge about.  She leaves all decisions to her son, but obviously he takes care of her finances, as she can afford to have coffee, eat out every day.  She keeps busy during the day, but suffers loneliness at night on her own. So I have gone over to her house quite a few times a week, just to say howdy, or pick her brain about how to pray for so many people, or whatever.  She picked up a ton of religious knowledge over her long marriage, and is happy to share.  Wow, this is long. I just think God put Audrey here for me, and me for her, and the three of us have gone out for lunch a few times, so it is all good.