It Takes a Factory of Thoughts to “LOSE” Motivation

You’re ambling along quite happily
Refreshed by new energy and a new outlook
And no matter what, you’ve got this
You are going to bounce and track and cook

Then ‘suddenly’ and without any warning
Momentum comes to a screeching halt
What on earth were you thinking?
And then…your mind goes to status quo default

Surely, this WAS out of the blue
Was it some chemical or major event
Not at all, it was status quo in sabotage mode
Front line attack with full artillery sent

But you had no inkling!
There were no trumpets or memos you saw
Of course not because we’ve been largely ignorant
Unaware that bad habits are NOT forever law

The MIND of the sabotaged
Has a roller coaster each day
Peaks and valleys are on mach 5 drive
Unopposed it has its say


This is why self-awareness is poison
To the status quo so cozily positioned
More than anything else it objects
To a mind and body that is transitioned

So don’t be coming down on yourself
Or believing that you have lost your juice
Imagine germ warfare and torpedoes at once
That is what your status quo has let loose

(called 'monkey mind' and when you are aware of it it is immensely powerful and interesting to observe)

You are JUST FINE I assure you
This online haven was not accidentally found
Of all the cyber gin joints and cyber pubs
FitEra is prepared to run status quo to the ground


So…as Sir Chris mentioned adopt affirmations
YOU think that you don’t have faith in them at all
But you are HERE and you are sharing and that is HUGE
Your status quo KNOWS it’s set to take a fall

  (when the bully is YOU) 

Don’t go anywhere but here
You could not pay 100 shrinks for better consultation
Because we’re going to introduce you to yourself
Self-aware and embracing challenge without hesitation

You have not LOST anything
You would not be here looking for a hand
That hope that has ignited your thoughts and actions
Already knows what you’ll soon understand


Joy, peace, hope, BELIEVE! (I have this on a beautiful gold piece outside my front door...with the words stacked in the form of a tree with a gold star on top)