Response to Dr. Frank about success on my journey...

Posted By 245 and falling 4:08 pm August 03, 2016

Dr. Frank wrote a response to my latest blog about meeting my goals.  Here's what he said, "That sounds amazing, Chris.How about a quick summary of where you were, where you are now, and what you think were the main factors that have helped you achieve so much success? I think that would really be helpful to some of the folks who don't really know how much you've accomplished."

Well, in June of 2013 I was 400+ pounds, a type 2 diabetic and I was told I may lose one or both of my legs below the knee if I didn't do something.  I couldn't walk one block.  I couldn't fit in restaurant booths or theater seats.  I had little or no motivation. I was in size 52 pants and 4x shirts. This was at 48 years old. 

I took the bull by the horns. I started eating smaller,  healthy meals and often.  I had surgery on my legs which helped me to start walking more, a little each week.  Now, at 51, I am happier and healthier than I have been for a long time.  I weigh 222 pounds, I'm 7 sizes smaller in the waist and I'm on the verge of wearing shirts sized large!  

My mindset is the main reason for my success.  Before I even knew Dr. Frank  I was changing out all my bad behaviors for good ones.  I rid myself of thinking this was the way I was always going to be (big).  I came to the realization that I am good enough...I am worth it.  Also, planning and preparing meals ahead and sticking to the plan is another big reason for success.  Lastly, and certainly not least, exercising at least six days per week is very important to my continuing success.  Just move...A half hour per day is where I started and many here and in my life can attest to the fact that I can hardly sit still.  I love to just plain DO IT!!!  You all can do it too!!!


Posted By scobee 1:34 am August 16, 2016

OK this is just for me, I know the challenge is over, just proud that  I held all the poses for over 60 minutes tonight except the side planks, which 50 sec is pretty good; and superman, which I refuse to do on a hotel room floor, goodness knows what germs I would breathe in.  I also took the stairs instead of the vapor and avoided the donuts at the conference today.


Back on track

Posted By tdboone1970 3:58 pm August 03, 2016

It feels great to be back on track after mishap last week. Last week got me down. But as Rocky said. "It is not how many times you get knocked down, but how you get up". Well I am back up and I have lost the 1 pound I gained last week and have lost a total of 55 pounds in 10 1/2 weeks. Feeling great and loved how I felt after I pushed extra hard on my workouts the last 2 days. Back on meal plan really strict. Back on track, watch out because this train is going to run over any obstacles.

It's Humpday

Posted By pcflash 4:00 pm August 03, 2016

Hello; is there life out there? Today I feel like I have fallen into a deep dark pit. (my own pity party!) I have now been with the program for 12 days. The first 5 days were great and I lost 6 lbs, but these last 7 days have been a drain on my nerves because I have gone up and down 1 lb this whole 7 days and I find myself still at the level of day 5. I had hoped to loose 10 lbs in the first week and it seemed I would, but not so. Today is my wedding anniversary and I fear I will fall off track today. I have been faithful so far and I know I rely on the  scales way too much, but I can tell myself all these things and it still doesn't help me fit into my clothes any better. I know I'll get over it  and tomorrow will be better, but today i just needed to vent. Anyone else feel tjis way?

Water, the staff of life!

Posted By houndlady 10:27 pm August 15, 2016

Water is a necessity in the desert, we don't move without a bottle of it on our hip, in a camelbak bag or wherever. The smart person hydrates before they go anywhere too. Though my common usage is always 64 ounces per day, I am working to up that. Yesterday was 71.7 oz and today I am already at 53.8 oz., I will get over 70 ounces once again before the day ends. 

Dancing my way through the kitchen while I put together the Stuffed Chile Pepper recipe from the recipe section. Only difference is that I cooked my chiles on the grill as I don't ever turn on my stove during the summer. It's too hot. I will post how they turned out tomorrow.

Also have been making my own energy drinks with Bio-Trust chocolate protein powder, chia, almond milk, a bit of cacao powder and vanilla, then when it thickens I add a cup of frozen raspberries, blackberries and blueberries (unsweetened). It is a breakfast to die for!


what i AM doing right and what to work on next....

Posted By sydneyto 3:30 pm August 03, 2016

I am posting these 5 items that jkash   left in yesterdays blog. Thank you very much for helping me relize that just maybe i am making changes and they are not always noticeable to me.....i guess it takes time and perspective to look back and see that i did change. i am doing better!

Just like my weight, i have lost 80 pounds (i'm 4'11'') in the last 18 months, i had been stalled/platueaed (sp) what ever you want to call it.for 7 or 8 of the last months till i joined FITera, and just like that i dropped 18 pounds just by changing what and when i was eating or maybe just being really mind full of the foods.

Point to this is i really did not see or feel good about my weight loss till i hit about -40 pounds. i really didn't see it till i relized that i needed new under clothing and when i went to buy them they were 2 sizes smaller!!!  as i started buying clothes that FIT me, i really could see the changes! ( taking your measurments is always a wake to what you don't see too! like i have lost 4inches in my neck!)

1) you registered

2)and you acted and you lost 18 pounds

3)you blogged

4) you let Coach Pam's voice still have an impact by choosing to open her emails

5) after you had gone through some real tough battles and felt worn down you came back and BLOGGED AGAIN,expressing hope and reaching out.

With those changes i thought of a few more. 1) i dress way better! I am acually wearing clothes i LIKE rather than clothes i bought because they fit.

2) i feel better about who i am and i am a little bit more social than i was. i am more willing to go out to lunch with co-workes because i know i will fit in a booth. i know when i'm out people are not looking at my size

3) goes along with #2, i am willing to be in photographs! i am still horrified when i look at old pictures my daughters wedding it is just depressing to look at, my neices wedding the pictures from that wedding is what started my push for losing weight and being healthy!

there are more but they are for another time.

i need to work on food prep, buying the right foods, not bring the wrong food into the house...using the excuse its for the kids when they come over...they never eat it i do. i need to find the  *resolve* in my mind set Just NOT to BUY it

i know the moving between 2 work locations is really tripping me up the 2nd location i have no where to keep food or my backpack which i leave in the car, i tried a thermal lunch bag but the over 100 degrees out side is no match for that.

The one thing i can do, and i did it flawlessly the first 3 weeks was i got and made a sizable healthy protien packed breakfastand that did me a world of good ( i guess i should make that my goal this month, eat breakfast! )maybe if i start my day out planning for success.. success will follow??? i just grab what ever right now.

i want to be good at this i want to be a good roll model for my children and grandchildren! (Husband could care less about weight and health or his diabetes which makes it hard on me but, i am at the point where i don't have to follow what he does just because he's my husband)

enough for today!

I hope everyone is successful today! :)