I totally forgot about posting until after I was in bed last night.

I was in Sacramento most of the day and walked walked walked. I worked to keep up the pace as much as I could walking with someone else. I really tired out the last 15 minutes but it felt good. 

Everyone seems to be talking snow and wind. It has been very windy in Northern CA where I am and the temperatures have been dropping too. Last night at 10:30 I was out in the dark covering our beautiful blooming camilla with a big tablecloth to protect it. We woke up to our furnace not working so are waiting for Honey Heat and Air to come out. Yep another day in Paradise....and I do mean that. I like our old house and the streets around our neighborhood have such pretty trees. 

Off to the Post office. Garbage pickup is today so once the cans are empty I will be back on raking up the leaves duty for my extra exercise today.