Hello everyone. Sorry I haven’t been in touch over the weekend. Saturday I was up at my usual time and workout for an hour and a half which included the challenge. Had breakfast and then I was taken to the skin spa in soho by my daughter. Oh, we had an awesome spa day. Nice to be pampered. We had facials done , and total body massages then we popped into Bloomingdales and did some shopping. I was amaze to find that a size twelve is a bit  loose on me, after wearing a size sixteen. So I brought size ten cause am still loosing. 

I was wondering if I was shopping too soon , seeing that am still loosing , but my daughter said I need to be wearing clothes that fit me now than the baggy ones I was still wearing. Am so excited am beside myself. That was my outing for Saturday .

sunday I decided to rest up and spend some time intertaining friends and family and show them our new eating plan. Many of my friends had seem me in a while and they were just so surprised at my transformation, and I was beaming from head to toe. It was a great weekend.

monday I was back to working out , did a run in the park,  me, justin and Zack. Got back and meet up with my trainer who push me beyond my limits and I loved every minute of it. 

Today I did yoga with Tony Horton ( video ) taking it easy on myself today.

peace out