I was at the gym this morning when a gentleman stopped me and asked me my name.  He told me that my picture is posted at the diabetes care center as one of their most successful patients.  That seemed odd to me because I haven't been back there for about two years.  After a good chat with The man, I decided to go visit the doctors and nurses at the center.  

I got to the center and I went to the bulletin board and there it was...my picture with a synopsis of what I did to stave off Type II Diabetes.  I was beaming when I heard my name, 'Chris?!"     It was my dietician who helped me a lot with The mindset I currently have and constantly hone.   She asked how I was doing and we sat and chatted for a while.  I took off my coat and her eyes were wide with disbelief.  She told me I looked like I dropped more weight and asked me how I felt. I told her I never felt better and am getting better all The time.  Just then, one of the nurses walked in and The dietician pointed at me and said, "Guess who?"  I stood up, turned around and smiled.  She laughed and uttered OMG!!!  She said, "We've been monitoring your numbers but wow!"  (Fyi,  The HbA1c blood tests I get at my regular doctor are in the same health care system as the center so they can monitor.)   Just then, my diabetes care doctor walked by and saw me.  Her reaction was the funniest of all, "Holy cow!", she said.  LOL.  We all chatted for about twenty minutes and they grilled me about my eating and exercise plan.  I told them that it takes dilgence with both.  

 I am a happy, happy man!!!

Good journey to all!!!