This day didn't start that great as I woke up under the weather, emotionally! I woke up for no reason grumpy, I'm sure you ladies out there don't know what I am talking about (and stepping on a scale and discovering that I gained 4lb in one day didn't help! Seriously??? No reason! If I at least had a loaf of bread with Nutela to blame it on I would understand, but nothing!). I can't stand it and for some reason have really hard time shaking it! Nothing helps, so I try to keep my mouth shut as much as possible not to be barking at everyone, it's not their fault and they didn't do anything, but me neither, darn it! So, I had a nice and quiet day doing laundry, dishes, computer work, conference call, etc. Got really busy with registering my 2 high schoolers to a new online school that came out of the blue...

Then my "cheerleader" came home from school and I went to do the workouts, but this time she joined me and my 5yr. old granddaughter was our "audience" until she couldn't stand it any more and joined us too! :) It was quite snug in my bedroom where I workout and have very tiny space to do it, so it was interesting...but we did it! :)

Since my cardio is not as intense as I wish, I put on my ankle weights again and used my dumbells and this week's challenge of 20 sec. intensity as well so I broke a sweat again. This is my 3rd workout so I expected improvement, but nothing yet. Still can't do more reps or some of the exercises (sideway plank forget it! I have hard enough time to do regular one).

I guess patience is my newest virtue to practice this Lent... Is it going to get better though? Do you guys have experience that you were falling over or couldn't do some workout and with time you perfected it? I don't like to push myself much, so when the burning comes I'm done and have to take a break so I'm afraid I'll not benefit from my exercising much, which I know I need badly! I need muscle to burn fat and even though I am loosing weight, I am not shrinking my stomach (my waist is smaller, but not my stomach, weird...).

9 years ago I needed to loose weight for our son't wedding, so I joined a local gym and went to a "bootcamp" twice a week with a Marine vet. Boy, did I hate it! After each bootcamp I rewarded myself with going to dry sauna, which I absolutely love and that was the only thing that drew me into that gym. After 3 months though I looked amazing and I got complements at our son's wedding, even a comment that I gave the bride a run for her money, which was not my intention and I it made me feel bad, but I sure do love those pictures now! I'm not sure if I ever get there again. :(

On a more positiv note, I do not struggle with my food choices anymore (yay!) and my water intake is great too, so now I have to tackle the exercises to gain some muscle and energy, which would be really nice.

Looking forward what tomorrow brings! :)

P.s. My grumpiness left me I didn't even notice when. ;)