1.  Why do I want to lose weight:  too look better

2.  What can you learn from yesterdays mistakes and successes:  Keep on my meal plan.  I snuck in a popsicle and a milky way (fun size)

3.  How you can make different choices today:  No sweets and make sure I drink my water and stick to my plan

4.  What would make today an ideal day:  Sticking to my meal plan and drinking my water and get some exercise in this afternoon

5.  What obstacles might get in your way today:  Cravings for a cigarette kinda leads to hand to mouth action so I will have to watch what I put in mouth.  Gonna have to break out the toothpicks

6.  How can you overcome obstacles:  Toothpicks, make sure that I drink water when I have a craving and have lots of veggies that I can munch on in the afternoon.