1. Why do you want to lose weight?

I want to feel better about myself and that means not only losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle but also it will ensure that if my cancer returns for the 3rd time that it won’t be because I didn’t do all I could to lead a healthy lifestyle.

2.What can you learn from yesterday’s mistakes and successes?

Yesterday was busy and I ended up going on errands without having eaten my breakfast. When I got home I got busy with “tidying” up and almost didn’t eat lunch but…remembering that I had read fat is stored in the body if it feels it’s not going to receive sustenance I consciously made a effort to stop and had a meal of cottage cheese with some flax see and a couple of strawberries. Also, I didn’t drink as much water as I’ve been trying to do.  Tomorrow’s another day though!

3. How can you make different choices today?

When I wake up…be more mindful of my time and that the first thing I need to do is eat a healthy meal BEFORE the “busyness” of the day starts. Make sure that I have my bottle filled and ready to grab whenever I can…I do find that focusing on drinking more water helps me not grab a quick unhealthy snack too! My last email from Pam talked about motivation and she talked about keeping alive the image we had on our first few days of the program.  I do believe in “imaging” being a very powerful tool in being successful in any endeavour so today…I’m going to work on “imaging” a slimmer and healthier me!

4. What would make today an ideal day?

My ideal day is that I eat my meals as planned, drink my 3 bottles of water and complete a workout video and…feeling great because of my success! **grin**

5. What obstacles might get in your way today?

The only obstacle that could get in my way is my reluctance to do the workout videos..not consciously but finding excuses!  Not because I don’t think they are great…they are…but that I am not doing very well with them.  Due to some physical restraints I can’t do many of the movements nor for very long and I have a tendency, in the past, to be a bit hard on myself. ( I used to be very fit and my current physique is sometimes hard to accept!)  So, my obstacle “could be” that my motivation needs a boost and that is something that I talked about above in #3. 

6. How can you overcome those obstacles?

As noted above, with my motivation needing a boost, I am going to work on my “imaging” and even though I may not do as well as others with the workout videos…something is better than nothing.  So imaging and more positive self-talk!