Hello, my name is Audra and I am new here. I have been on and off struggling with weightloss for the last 15 due to a broken back that landed me on narcotics for pain and cortizone shots for inflamation for years. None of which did any good. I am now actually past the back pain part although it does re-occur upon occasion with too much activity and not enough caution, but not enough to stop me from working out and eating properly. I have a horrible relationship with food. I stress eat. I sad eat. Basically I eat whenever there is any kind of extreme emotion in my life and that needs to stop. So I'm here, I'm reading through all of the bits today. I will be making a meal plan and a shopping list today and heading to the store then doing some meal prep this evening. I plan on getting myself into this fully starting tomorrow morning with a good workout before work and going from there.

Regards :-)