1. Why do I want to lose weight? I want to be healthy and active, so I can do things with my children.

2. What can I learn from yesterday's mistakes and successes? Yesterday I ate some chips, but I did work hard on our ranch and got a lot of pyisical activity.

3. How can I make different choices today? I can eat natural instead of proccessed carbs.

4. What would make today an ideal day? Well, I already did a workout this morning at 6 and drank 2 bottles of water and ate a healthy breakfast. So, the only other thing that could make it ideal is to drink more water and stick with my meal plan.

5. What obstacles might get in my way today? I have my lunch already made but I don't have my dinner.

6. How can you overcome those obstacles? I will be making some fajitas for dinner and I will freeze the leftovers to eat for dinner the rest of the week.