ORIGINALLY Posted By jkash2 5:04 PM August 22, 2016 (because I do go back and read my own stuff sometimes to pick myself back up when I stumble)



‘FROM NOW ON this is the new normal’
‘Get used to it cuz this is your life’
‘Accept it and everything will be easier’                                 
‘No point in engaging in effort and strife’

Imagine my surprise upon arrival here
To be reading of the non-whippersnapper set   (note:  'whippersnapper' means up and coming young people)
Who are deactivating all these platitudes
Believing they’ve not seen their best years yet

That distended belly doubling as a pillow
The one the Pillsbury doughboy could borrow?
I’ve noticed that when I make changes today
It doesn’t look the same tomorrow

And that confusion that so overset me
That kept me dark, doubting and near despair?
With a new order in food, sleep and fitness
I'm astonished that more and more it's no longer there

The morning is not the same ol’ same ol’;
I now anticipate them eagerly even when blue
Because when the blue meanies invite themselves
Now I know darn well their message isn’t true

Hope is so underrated
And by the world purposely being withdrawn (distractions, worries, thought police, SUGAR, drugs, etc.);

But the human who is eager for life
Never stops until the demons are gone

And when one is one’s own champion
The world comes vividly back into vision
And the extraordinary becomes doable
One’s life is full of gratitude and decision

That is who I am when I take that small step
I am the runner who registered for the race
And I will finish with each step counting
It is immaterial what obstacles and delays I face


j.kash2 8/22/16