I had a NAET allergy treatment today. My hands have been breaking out again and having stomache issues. After the treatment, I am having to avoid all dairy, grains, fruits, and high sugar veggies. I am able to have chia seeds!

I had 4 tablespoons today. I think that is 24 grams of fiber. I put some in the soup I made (cauliflower, kale, and onions). I made a pudding with peanut butter, cocoa power, stevai, water and chia seeds. The chia seeds with the banana (eaten before my treatment), a potato, kale, onion, caulfower and zucchini gave me 37 grams of fiber. 

I will be eating the soup until 3 pm tomorrow when I have cleared the treatment. Just an FYI, chia seeds in soup is pretty good!