After yesterday I decided put into action to alter and adapt to the stressors.  Talked with the printer's customer service department and found out even though the manual show an option to scan doublesided docs, that functions is not enabled on my model.  So after many hours of frustration I did find a work-a- round to help my husband.  So I accepted the situation and and did not allow it to stress me out.  Through the problem I found on my new version of my computer that I can scan and edit the pdf files into a word document.  It took a lot of editing but the joy of helping my husband be able to forward information to others electronically instead of copying and mailing it out was worth.  No I still did not get the dog brushed nor the cleaning done but I did not allow myself to get upset and sick over it.  We had leftovers from all the cooking I did Saturday and I got the dishes done before we had to go to a Christmas party.  We had a wonderful time and I was happy because all the sweets and various cookies did not even bother me.  I did not even want to have any of them.  I enjoyed some veggies and nuts and a couple pieces of cheese and meatballs.  The fellowship was important and spending time with a lot of wonderful people.  I also ate some cauliflower bite I thought would be considered healthy and later found out they had stove top stuffing in them.  Hopefully I will not react to the gluten since it was only 3 small pieces. I honest felt more in control of my emotions today.  I also made sure I did not have any caffinated drinks.  I will have to put those tea bags away and use them for company only.  Tommorrow is another day and another trip to the VA hospital for my husband's pacemaker testing.  I hope to doing a little shopping afterward and then home to clean the house.  We have a very large hairy dog that sheds even more with the wood stove going so I am going to get some sleep and first thing when I get up vaccum before leaving for the morning.  Have a great Wednesday.