Just some minor irritations today.  Delegated some, made plans for resolution on others and moved forward.  I have been told many times that I sure stay calm in the face of crisis.  I figured it is better to remain calm and work the problem.  But on the other hand, I can internalikze my feelings and that is not good.

Good day....13k to get to 2300 cals out. 150 oz of water (getting used to the new amount) by 7pm.  Did not get the snacks in but meals were healthy and small portions.

Tomorrow will be a challenge with a Christmas party in the evenig.  It will probably be just snack stuff and tempting cookies and stuff.  Thursday I have been Invited to meet with some friends at a Mexican resturant to visit with a friend who Father recently died.  I looked at the menu and tried to make a plan with the help of Coach Pam.  I am not fond of Mexican so that was one of the irritations today that this was the place chosen.