The success was that I actually slept a straight 5 hours without getting up to the BR, which I cannot tell anyone how long it's been that this old body has allowed me to do that!  The challenge was the time of day, yes day, that I had success.  You see, I'm weird.  I struggle with getting asleep at night, but once I do succeed, I can get up countless times go to BR and go right back to my insomnia is different than most.  I actually did not get asleep until around 6 AM this morning (Friday). I slept a couple of hours, was up to BR, ate a fiber bar for breakfast, but immediately went back to sleep and was shocked when my husband came to check on me and informed me that it was 3:30!!!  I was shocked but have felt good after sleeping so well.

 I immediately got up, ate and have had a pretty productive short day with some work around the house etc.  Today's report:

Meal 1.  The fiber bar I ate because I figured I would go back to sleep for a short time and had better get my first meal in since it was already around 10 AM!

2.  After watching Chads awesome post, I looked in the fridge and decided 2 of my meals would be leftovers so this meal I ate the yummy leftover chicken burrito topped with guacamole.

3.  I had a post workout meal of Greek plain Greek yogurt flavored with some protein powder and strawberries.

4.  The leftover meal from two days ago and fortunately still ok to eat.  Chad's post saved me some money, because I had actually forgotten I had it in the fridge.  It was some delicious plain pulled pork with a little brown rice and a few black beans and I threw on romaine  to make a salad out of it  and fish oil supplement for the fat.

Meals not the best choices, but it is what it is, and I did not waste food. (Smile) Exercise was a two mile walking video and water still in progress since I will be up a while til I can go to sleep, but I think it's safe to say that I have already, or will have had at least 100 oz.

By the time anyone reads this it will be Saturday, so have a great weekend day!