For the mist of us, life creeps in. You think you have your day mapped out when you first get up in the morning, but sometimes along the way, what you had planned, just never got a chance to happen.  I examined where I am going wrong, and it all starts with what time I am going to sleep. If I can't go early, like 10pm, lights out, then when my alarm clock, which goes off bang on time that I wanted it to, since it was me to set it, but nevertheless, it went unheard because my body was in too deep asleep. When I had finally woken up, an hour or more had passed when I should have been up, so first things first, before my day had started, it had started totally wrong. I detest being late! It goes against my character! Being late only puts me in bad attitude, and therefore, it has a ripple ettect on everyone around me. Poor them! So I have decided....I need to be in my bed, lights out for 10pm.....the latest!

Secondly, my 3.3 miles or 5.3 km walk, on the flat isn't doing any good for me at all. Right now, you probably think I have lost the plot, but I see no results but a wrecked bladder. The walk I used to do....up a little hilly lane to the farm, which only took me 16 mins there and back again, showed tremendous results. As a matter of fact, If I did everything correct, drink 2 liters of water a day, eat little but often, like the way horses do, get 7 hours good sleep, but forget my little sprint walk to the farm, I was in trouble, or I can only come to the one conclusion. That is to get back to walking  the back lane to the little farm. Which I did this morning.  But on top of that, because I don't like to annoy my dad too much, and ask him to come and pick me up, I also walked down to their house. By the time my day was over, I literally walked 16, 501 steps, and burned up 610.2 kcals, so I am a very happy lady.

Right now, I am trying to knock back my water intake, which I left till now, due to not being at home, and trying to be on the move than sitting about.

Yesterday, I was working alongside my wonderful husband. We have a cleaning business, where we are the heavy lifters...the deep cleaners! We were cleaning a house which I was told was full of cat's urine and poop. Oh yuck! What were we in stor for, so I decided to do an intermitten fast, as I didn't want neither my bladder nor my bowels to want to move. You are probably wondering what has my bowels and bladderhave to do with cat's urine and poop.....and you've guessed right cos cat's don't use tjhe toilet, do they. We were also having to deal with the human aspect of these, but thankfully my wonderful husband wouldn't have me clean the bathroom, and so I escaped the dreaded bathroom, thinking I had the best end of the deal. Or did I???

I was in the kitchen. It was a small kitchen and so there was nothing lurking about until I opened up the fridge looking for milk for coffee. Quickly I had to close the door. I couldn't believe what was waiting for me inside it. This would literally shock   even the strongest of stomacks, one which mine wasn't. You see, when I opened up the fridge door, the smell made me if I was going to vomit. It was hard to stomack. Did someone really leave that in there? What was it????? The last person who opened that door, that being the owner, had literally vomitted into the fridge, leaving for me, the draw at the bottom of the fridge where one can put fruit, his bile. You see, I nearly joined him!!!!! I am only thankful I didn't have to go back a second day.  We laughed about that all the way home last night.

Well, romorrow morning I shall weigh myself to see if my detailed daily plans for myself have started to work. That I look forward to!