I decided that this year accountability is the name of the game for me.  A month ago I signed up for Beach Body on Demand coach test group to try out a new workout by Shaun T.  I have 2 weeks left of this workout and usage for a year of all workouts online there.  Although I have lost inches, the weight stayed on.  What I learned through this endeavor is that the group I am accountable to on FB has kept me on track to actually do the workout and been encouraging to me as well.  Shaun T ain't easy ya'll!  I press play and hang on til the sweat falls off. So I decided that I would join this group with its accountability as well with a few different views on nutrition and exercise to learn about.  I signed up for Pam's coaching and I am going to get this weight off.  Kudos to you all for joining in this group to help you...to help me....to help us all!    Leann