Today marks the end of the fifth week of my own personal 12 week challenge.  The scales are 10 pounds down.  To some of you that may not seem much, but for this 69 year old gray mare with old gray hair, I'm just happy I can lose.  I feel especially pleased because during these weeks I've attended 5 family celebrations which included some very tempting foods.  Though, overall I made a lot of good choices, I also ate some bad ones.  Two of these events were birthday parties and I had, though a small amount, a piece of each cake.  Also during this time, I've gone out to dinner three times, and one of them was to an all you can eat place.  So 10 pounds makes me very happy!

Today  I have had a pretty good Fitera type day!  I did a Fitera video with HIIT moves during the cardios, 3 sets of 15 each of kettlebell swings and three planks.  I drank over 130 ounces of water and have had over 30 grams of fiber.  I ate 5 times and used the fist, palm and thumb rule to measure the proportions of starches, meats and fats.  The items that were not able to be measured by that method, i.e. almond butter and chia seeds, I used the meal planner to figure the portion size.  Have a great Tuesday everyone!