I was up by 5 this morning, did my devotionals and bible study with my husband, then we went and had the tires changed for our trip to SC in 3 weeks.  I still have to get a GPS, just have not decided which one.  When we got back home I baked my favorite keto rolls and a pumpkin gluten/sugar free bread for my husband and made really delicious turkey cheese burgers for lunch.  I opened up my herb cabinet and added several different ones to the turkey cooked it in some avocado oil and made salads for each of us.  I really enjoyed lunch.  cleaned up did some studying then a 30 minute fitera workout which included the updown plank and I added a 1 minute regular plank for today.  Tomorrow I will add a right and left side plank to my workout.  I learned it is better to do the planks before the workout, I'm not as tired then.  I also did 60 minutes on the bike for 15.5 miles. I picked up my rpms tonight by doing some HIIT.  Ate healthy and drank lots of water.  I hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday.  The weather man is predicting snow for tomorrow.  It is pouring rain right now.  Good time to get to bed.