Well most of my exercise today was to go get 48 cubic bags of topsoil, then unload them from my car and tote them around to where they will keep water from getting into basement, crawlspace, garage, and workshop.  Or at least that is the plan.  Two weeks ago, there was a 200 yr flood event and flooding was bad.  Since then, Nashville, has had more rain almost every day.  Now, it is forecasted to get at least 6 inches of more rain in the next few days.  The ground is already saturated so it has nowhere to go.  I got the bags in place just in time for the rain to start coming down.  Praying it will just be off and on rain and not heavy like it was two weeks ago.  I am a former girl scout so I felt I better be prepared and do the sandbagging with bags of topsoil at the vernable openings that let water in last time.

Of course with the first load, I stepped in dog poop, so had to do a little dance to get it off my shoe before I got back in the car.

Last night, I did one plank for 60 secs.  I will do another plank for today before I go to bed.


With losing the 30 pounds in 12 weeks, I am now able to reduce my water to 144 oz, and I got that done, but an hour later than I like to get it done.