Today began with my husband & I doing our service assignment.  Afterwards,  I prepared  a lesson about preparing to go to the temple, and this evening I gave the lesson at the church.  I arrived home for the day around 7:30 having every intention of doing a HIIT Fitera workout.  A great plan, I thought until... I took my shoes off to put on my exercise shoes...but could not do!  Why?  Because my left foot began screaming at me and I could hardly walk, so I went and played the piano.  Did I mention before that I plan on starting piano lessons soon.  I took some as a child and know some basics., but recently I decided I was going to start lessons as I have a good friend who used to teach lessons, and she said she would take me on as a student!  I'm excited!  The fun part is that my husband just started taking banjo lessons, so while he practices playing the banjo, I practice on the piano.  I've never been very good at it, but I enjoy playing it!  Anyway, back to the change in plans.  I realized I was having a flare up of arthritis in my foot and since it was way too painful to walk or put shoes on, the Fitera plan had to go.  I thought, ok I can't do my original plan, now what can I do?  Using some rubber bands and some odds and ends equipment I have hanging around here I did an upper body workout, and since I could stand but not move my feet I did squats.  It wasn't the workout I wanted, but I did do something.  BTW, yesterday I did a regular plank..#1. On the list.  Today I did the #1 and added the #2. On the list called the rocking plank.  Time to hit the hay as we do our service assignment again tomorrow!  Have a great Wednesday!