Just purchased the system and wanted to drop in the community and say hello! My name is Catherine and I've been yo-yo dieting my entire adult life (aged 35 now). I have always been an emotional eater and felt so attached to the wrong things (rich, fatty foods, chocolate, coffee/lattes, alcohol), using them to cope with life. And so I'd successfully diet for awhile by going very low carb or low calorie or fasting or juicing, etc. which was torture and then one day lose all willpower and eat like there was no tomorrow to gain all the weight back. Lately, I have been reflecting on the ridiculousness of it all and decided enough is enough!  I am currently 182.4 and want to achieve my ideal weight, which at this point I believe is 150 lbs. But more importantly, I want to to end up with a healthy relationship with food, learn to trust my natural hunger and appetite, and maintain a reasonable 80/20 mentality with regards to eating habits.  Looking forward to meeting people who can relate or are in the same boat! Good luck to everyone in achieving their goals :)