Every day we are always making choices.  What to do, when to do, and what to eat....and the list goes on and on.  So today my choices included sleeping in because I didn't get to sleep until after 5 am.  When I got up, after eating my husband & I read scriptures and a Sunday lesson together and worked on a puzzle.  I then called my fairly new neighbors, who are a young couple with a toddler, and asked if they would like some help with their yard work.  You see, they recently had 4 trees cut down and one that had fallen down in a storm.  The holes from the tree removals needs to be filled in and the lawn is filled with small branches and debris that would make it impossible to be mowed, so we went next door to help the wife (husband at work). It ended up being a 3&1/2 hour project and is not even close to be finished, but the 3&1/2 hour each, no breaks, steady shoveling and raking at least put a dent into the job.  It always feels good to help others, but in this case it was exhausting also.  After we came home and ate, I did only 15 minutes of a Fitera workout, but no HIIT this time.  As to choices for the challenge this week, I was too exhausted to make my planned item.  Instead I made a healthier version of a simple & quick jello that my husband likes, and quite frankly is about the only way he will eat cottage cheese.  The original way to fix it is to put a package of jello into cottage cheese, mix real good, add and mix cool whip or whipping cream and then add a can of well drained fruit.  My alteration was to add sugar free jello to cottage cheese and some sugar free pineapple chunks and mix together and eat.  I did not add cool whip or cream and I liked it just fine.  I hope you are doing well!