I have not been happy at the Nursing Home.  I have ask for the food be soft food because of the tenderness of the upper abs where the pancretic. Butt yet the food is a fried food, not bake. Or the food had a lot of starches in the plate combination. 

Today for breakfast, they brought out the liquid diet combination  two yellow (lemon) jello, one diet soda, and one chicken broth.  I looked at the waitress and said I leaving one way or another.  I than stated either the front door, or digging underground to the outside.  I was also told to ask for particular  medication because I was going to be charge for it and they would be throwing it away.   So I made my request before leaving. 


I am excited to be going home. 

I am excited to start to control my diet and staying on the program. 

I am excited my weight loss will be control by me.

The real important note for me is I have stayed at 247 pounds weight which is my lowest weight loss on this program so far. 

My new goal for April is to lose 8 more pounds which I know will be more.  That goal will be 239 pounds.