I am going to write a very long message because I have a feeling I am not going to be very strong for a few days, (I don’t know how to upload my pictures to the blog section), also I will like to share some pictures of my prepared meals from now until June? At least that’s what the person that delivered the equipment at my place today let me know, that’s when they are coming back for some of the loaned equipment, which it sounds like it’s a long time to be home bound but apparently it takes that long to recuperate from this type of surgery.

My day started beautiful my daughter took me for breakfast at IHOP so I ordered a “Spicy Poblano omelette, but I asked for egg whites only, absolutely No cheese or avocado creamy sauce on to either, I ate only half of it, the other half is for another meal.

I was very proud of myself for requesting those changes to my meal, I drink 2 cups of coffee with milk only & water. 

I got home determined to finish my cookies, but I had to learn a lot & it has been a wonderful experience learning how to cook my healthy recipes for my meals & snacks, thanks to God for allowing me to finally finish my cooking marathon. 

I didn’t realize apple raisin cookies, I needed to soak the sunflower seeds & the walnuts also the grading of the different ingredients lastly I have never attempted to dehydrated anything in my life, so I learned how to on the oven.

It was a hectic afternoon while I was trying to finish my cookies, I was watching my 3 grandkids between the ages of 4-6 years old, at the same time I was trying to pay attention to the instructions on how to use the equipment.

Needless to sayI am very tired.

For lunch I had 4 tablespoons or 1/4 C of Mexican rice & a cup of homemade vegetables soup because in my culture when you have a stuffy nose you eat one of the chicken or beef vegetables soup to get rid off, we don’t add any pasta to our soups, for supper I had a small portion of chicken pasta with vegetables.

Before I forget I went to buy a one cup glass containers so it will make it easier to store my meals.

I do have one question when you dehydrate food that’s it had to feel like completely dry or it can be a little soft because my apple raisin cookies are a little bit soft but they taste delicious.