exercise 15k steps to burn 2300 calories before 10pm.  Up the HITT portion to 20 reps of 4 steps up and backdown backwards.  TIP...when walking for some reason you will burn more calories holding arms at 90 degrees instead of swinging arms at side.  I find this form also encourages you to speed up.  When training for half marathons I was told to do this and hold my thumb and index fingers like you were holding a potato chip.  I did high steps while drying hair, brushing teeth.  Well mostly high steps unless I lost concentration and found I was just doing half a high step.  Eat meal 4 just before leaving house for choir call and ate standing up so I would not spill anything on my clothes.  I squeezed into a new size of pants so that was another reason for standing :-)  The good news is I did not bust the zipper when I stood up and sat down numerous times in the choir during the service tongiht.  The music was faboulous if I say so myself.  We were 40 strong and had to go from 3 rows to 4 rows.  Easter Sunday is going to be even better.  We will be on TV that morning.

Water: stayed on water schedule because I drank a bottle each time I did my walking and finished 150 oz by my 6.30pm call time for choir to practice before Maudy Thursday services.

Food: Meal 1: choc PB banana protein drink, Meal 2 Salmon, kale, spinach, sunflower seeds, sauteed oinons, grapefruit, cranberries, Meal 3 fish cake pattie, cole slaw, grapes, Meal 1-3 before 3pm. Meal 4 Chicken, homemade salsa, aspargus, Meal 5 peanut butter and choc syrup.  Tomorrow will be finishing off most of the leftovers.