I looked sunday for this weeks challenge and did not see it, then Monday was crazy with a deadline.  Actually, Monday ended with an  all nighter to meet Tuesday Morning publish deadline.  So did not look to see what challenge was on Monday.  After a short mid day nap Tuesday,  Discovered this week was walking.  At that point, I had not had many steps done.  I was to have a meeting that was about 15 minutes away and an easy walk to the meeting.  It was a nice walk there and back.  I want say what I stopped and picked up to eat on the way back. 

I had prepped my water bottle to take with me on the walk since I had had very little water for the day at the point I was to leave for the meeting.  About, 3 minutes into the walk I was feeling a little light headed and knew that was a sign I needed a drink of water and realized I did not leave the house with my water bottle.  I figured if I turned around to go back and then start the walk again, I would be running late to the meeting.  Got to the meeting location and asked if they had any bottled water so sipped on the water during the meeting.

Due to project deadlines, over the last couple of weeks I had run out of meals I had frozen or on had.  The cupboard was pretty bare of healthy food, too.  Did not have time to go shopping and prep healthy meals so fell off the wagon and gone back to food delivered and fast food.  When I got back from my meeting I had walked about 30 minutes and that was about 2500 steps or 1 mile.  

Typically, on a good day I have a goal to do at least 10k steps/4 miles.  So I decided to take some time and go to my local walmart and pick up some items on my shopping list.  Since starting fitera, when I go shopping I always try to at least walk around the perimeter inside the store before I start picking up items on my shopping list.  So this evening I walked up and down each aisle at a pretty fast pace because the store was not crowded, this got me up to about 8000 steps before I returned to the car to go home.  I finished off my 10k steps back at the house, by putting away the groceries, stripping the  beds and getting them in the wash and folding the load of laundry I had forgotten I had left in the dryer, and emptying house trash cans into one can to take the curbside cart to the street for pickup tomorrow.

With my deadlines, these past few weeks, I have rarely hit my 10k/day goal, so getting my 10k in this day I have met challenge of increasing by 10%.+.

Well, I need to get the sheets out of the dryer and make the bed so I can go to bed and try to catch up on lost sleep.  Tomorrow, Got to start on the next deadline due this week.  I will try to get my 10k in at least each day this week.