How did I add more steps into my day?  Well, I'll tell you.  First of all, today was one of our (hubby & I) service assignment days in Salt Lake.  My husband usually drops me off in front of the building and then parks the car which is about 2 blocks away, but @ my request we parked and walked together, also after finishing our assignment, I walked to the parked car instead of having Paul pick me up curbside in front of the building.  One of the suggestions posted with the challenge is instead of going to the nearest bathroom, go to one further away.  That's what I did.  I chose to go to one which was the furtherest away and required a climb of 133 stairs, which I climbed instead of taking the elevator.  I went to the BR 3 times during the 4 hours I was there, and on one of the trips, I climbed the stairwell 2X just because... I felt like it.  So bottom line is that I climbed 532 stairs to go to the BR today to help increase my steps.  Now, though it would have given me more steps to also come down the stairwell, I elevated down each time, because going down is hard on my knees.  After coming home I did a Fitera workout (30 minutes) adding HIIT during each of the minute cardios.  It's been a great day, but I'm not sure if I increased steps today or not because though I found my pedometer, it's not working very well, so I don't have anything to gage by, other than I was up and moving around more today, so I'm pretty sure I increased steps by 10 percent.  Have many ""Happy Feet" steps tomorrow everyone!