For the walking challenge today, in part I copied the plan I followed yesterday.  First of all, it was another Service Day in the City and so instead of having my husband drop me off curbside at the building we work in, I again stayed with him to park the car and as it turned out, we had to park a little further than usual.  This was good because it required a quarter mile walk to get to the building we served in and after finishing we walked another quarter mile to get back to the car.  While at the 4 hour shift, I again chose to go to a BR further away than the usual one I go to. This one required me to clmb up the 133 count stair case each time I needed to go to the BR which was 3 times and I added 3 more trips up the stairs just because...I wanted too!  133 X 6 =798 then I backed down and climbed up 3 extra stairs just to put the number over 800 (801 to be exact). After coming home I did a one mile 15 minute walking video  and some stretches.  Though my pedometer is not working very well, I know I increased my activity by at least 10 percent over yesterday.  Since I will be home tomorrow, I'm really going to have to keep moving to beat today!  Have a good night, and keep those feet happy by keeping them moving!