Not for me, but for my husband, who does things so routinely. At any rate, we are adjusting, and it’s interesting to really think about our screen habits. Ultimately, though, I am getting more reading in, which I enjoy immensely. 

I’ve been staying true to plan this week. I had to adjust a few things, but I planned well enough, so switching a few things here/there didn’t make a bit of difference. My son and his family are coming tomorrow night, so I’ll stick mostly with my plans, but add a few other options for them. 

Today I dusted my blinds (hate, hate, hate dusting). I have five, yes, five, lovely windows with nice wide slatted wood blinds on them in my dining room. They are dust magnets, but I tackled them today, and they look great. In addition, I took a 1.5 mile walk, spoke to a retirement specialist on the phone, acquired some additional financial information from my bank, and did a much overdue sweeping of the kitchen and dining room floor. 

I love being off work and accomplishing these things. Next on the list: mail a package, increase data on my cell phone plan, and read outside on the back patio, oh, and buy Father’s Day cards, and take a 10+ mile bike ride tonight. 

Gosh, what will I do tomorrow?