I was able to get in some walking today.  Most of the day was spent referencing a new cell phone and provider.  My flip phone finally had to pass away.  It is over 11 years old and the home charger would not work and I lost the on/off button yesterday.  My son wanted to change plans and the one he chose does not cover flip phones and so I order a new Samsung smartphone.  It will be interesting to learn how to use it.  I am more on my computer and really don't like cell phone except that is the way my grandchildren keep in touch with me by texting and I call my husband to let know when I am leaving somewhere and for emergencies when I am out and about.  I plan on doing my best not to use it instead of my computer.  I like my big screen so I can see and reading emails and listen to health documentaries.  It is time to shut down so I have some reading time and finish cleaning up the kitchen before bed.  I hope everyone has a great day tomorrow.