Yesterday I took it a bit easy, but I still managed to do a Leslie Sansone 2 mile walking video with 3 3 lb. weights and then after the electronic shutdown, I read for 2 hours.  I was so hopeful to go right to sleep as I had on Monday night as I was yawning and yawning.  However, to my disappointment I had a restless leg attack.  As a result I got up walked around a bit and read some more.  I ended up taking some medication for it and was not able to sleep until a little after 4am.  I slept in til noon.  Thank goodness I'm retired!  Since then I have been able to do some odds and ends around the house and this evening I did a Fitera workout with 20 second HIITs during the cardios.  Afterwards I followed up with stretches and I feel great!  I have some fun news.  I braved the scales after I got up and though I still have a very long ways to go, I have lost the minimum amount of weight I wanted to for my birthday.  I'm down 21 pounds and I'm pleased with that, especially for all the family , friend and church gatherings I been to and fallen off the wagon.  I won't beat myself up for how many pounds I have lost, gained and lost because of those falls, I just jump back on as soon as I can and move forward each time I fall.  As for my cataract surgery, the blurriness is disappearing and Im able to read both near and far.  It's past shutdown time so I'll say nite all!