I am normally a morning person like early morning 4/4:30 but I've been so tired lately. I just feel drained. I don't care much for this feeling and I'm trying to change my thought process. I am a big believer in meditative processes. I've also been attempting to go to bed earlier than I normally do, I try to do some kind of exeercise every day whether it's the workout here or other workouts I have. I'm into the quick and efficient workouts, not the long stressful ones lol!  I've been following healthy eating. I've released a few pounds however, I'm unable to  update my weight, just my inches lost. 

 O yeah, I'm also taking B12 pill and sublingual (not at the same time I just have both to see what works better.) So far I don't seem to feel anything different from either Any suggestions/feedback/help would be greatly appreciated thank you