It has been well over a year since I visited. Although much has happened I have not been losing weight. Because of the healthy lifestyle that I changed to while on the program I can also happily say that I have not gained weight. The truth of the matter is I need to lose more weight to be more pleased with myself. I need to focus on me and do things that will empower my being. 

For me it is all about focus.

I don't do anything a little bit. So when I become involved with my son graduating high school or my daughter starting a new path I am totally involved and lose focus on myself.


My husband passed away 3 years ago this week and I'm sure that has something to do with my motivation.He had alot of health issues for many years so we didn't really hang out with friends we kept tp ourselves and truly cherished what time we had together and with our 2 children.Now time has stomped on and I miss having someone to share my thoughts with. Since he passed I have worked hard on my career, home and family but find it easy to leave me out of the mix.

But the weight just stays on and continues to be a cross i bare. i don't know if I hold on to it like a crutch or if I just don't let go. Either way I know I will never be truly happy carrying the weight.

When I joined fitera group before I stuck to the 12 week program and joined the contest and gave a good effort. Not my best effort but a good one. The result was, although I didnt win a trip to mexico, I did have a new found spirit from writing everyday and chatting with others who shared the same journey and I lost 27 pounds to make me feel better thatn I had in a long time.

Time to lose more. Nothing has helped me more than the meal planning, challenges and community conversation so I am BACK!!

Thanks for all you do Fitera.